4th ESO students enjoyed playing Paralympics games

Written by: Hao Yu Lu Lin

On Monday 21st Nov, our school Festivity Day in my school Lestonnac, we did Paralympics activities. I really liked that day because my teacher said we could start at nine o’clock at school; we did four activities and saw a movie.

It was a great experience to “be” a disabled person, not only because you can’t walk, but because you can feel more empathy with this type of person. The four activities were: Volleyball, Basketball, looping, which we did on a wheelchair and the last exercise we didn’t do on a wheelchair because that was like a “petanque”:  you sit in a chair and throw the ball on a ramp.

I think the “petanque” activity was a little boring because you only have to throw a ball. I think this activity should be changed by a more engaging  one.

As a whole, I think the event was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend you to come to this school because we do a lot of activities and celebrate lots of events.